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Hello, my name is Iver Peterson...

as an experienced constuction worker with safety always a concern, it was easy to realize the hazzards with backing up a skid-steer loader. People don't always respect a back-up warning beeper, especially children. Craning my neck to see, while backing up, wasn't very comfortable either nor practical, considering the fact that I still couldn't see enough area around my machine.

Lorie & Iver PetersonI set out to find a solution to only realize there wasn't anything on the market to address my needs.

I spent a lot of time perfecting a set of mirrors that would let me expand my vision and ability to navagate in tight places. Seeing my rig, other operators wanted me to fix them up with a set.  I soon realized why there isn't anything like my mirrors on the market.  They require custom retro-fitting.  Each machine model requires a special configuration to work and fit properly.

I have been working on expanding a line of my mirrors as demand has increased. However, manufacturing a bracket to fit a particular model requires me to build a number of them to reach a realistic price point. Which is what led me to "I-C-MOR™" and going into business for supplying the industry.

My 8 1/2" diameter mirrors have a convex shape and are designed to mount on both sides of the operator. A swivel ball on the back side of the mirror is used for adjustment.

The powder-coated mirrors have a convex shape which gives you a great field of vision. It makes a fantastic difference. You can see what's directly alongside you as well as 30 to 50 ft. off to the side without turning your head. You can even see the ground directly behind the skid loader. In my opinion, mounting a convex mirror outside the cab works better than mounting it inside the cab, where you can see only shoulder high behind you. With my mirrors, you can see right behind the rear wheel without having to look over the skid loader's lift arm.

My mirrors bolt onto the loader lift arms. The mirror mounting assembly has a wrap-around design with a steel plate underneath the lift arm that you tighten with two nuts.

I have brought the price point down to be able to sell these for $70.00/each plus S & H.

New labelTo fit all sorts of machines and applications, I have devised a Universal mounting system and am now able to offer my mirrors at $49.50/ each plus S & H.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Iver Peterson
13021 Sunset Trail
Pine City, MN 55063

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