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8 1/2" Convex Mirror Assembly for Lift Arms

Loctite 330

Supplies provided with mirror(s):

2" x 2" Bracket with one bolt disconnect on Bracket.

Also Available: 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" Extreme Service Bracket (add $10 to purchase)

Extreme example

Loctite 330® adhesive.


1) Mark on lift arm where Bracket will be mounted.

2) Grind off spot.

3) Glue with Loctite 330®. The adhesive is applied to the bracket. The Kicker in the plastic vile is broken and rubbed on the skid steer arm. Press bracket to arm where paint has been ground off. Hold until it starts to bond (about a minute)

4) Clamp mounting bracket in place for 6 hours or overnight. (see Technical Data Sheet) at room temperature.

Your I-C-MOR mirrors are now there forever.

Kid safeYou will be able to see your rear tires even in a raised position - without a sore neck!

You can see behind you without turning your head with this rearview system!

Can you turn enough in the seat to see these kids? I have a mirror mounted in my cab over the door and I can't see them. What if this was a laborer kneeling down or a tire ripping object. Look close, you can see the pink dressed girl in the mirror. Please think about it, cheap insurance? I think so. You can see along side and behind your tires. Our mirrors mount on all brands of skid steer.

View of mirror from cageProtect workers beside the machine. Know what is behind the tires and alongside them.

Reduce your liability.









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